Public Announcements


2017-2018 Board of Directors

Congratulations to the newly elected PBTA 2017-2018 Board of Directors! The incoming Board will assume their PBTA Board roles in January of 2017.

President - David Underwood

1st VP - Debbie Palucka

2nd VP - Lee Ann Howard

Secretary - Heather LaValley

Treasurer - Glynis Elben


Nominees for 2017-2018 PBTA Board of Directors

Nominations for the 2017-2018 PBTA Board of Directors closed at the October 11th membership meeting. The following PBTA members have accepted nominations for 2017-2018 Board of Director positions.



Neal Washington, ACE Hotel Pittsburgh

David Underwood, Direct Travel


1st Vice President:

Debbie Palucka, BCD Travel


2nd Vice President:

Lee Ann Howard, Federated Investors

David Underwood, Direct Travel 



Glynis Elben, The Parking Spot 



Heather LaValley, DoubleTree by Hilton Pittsburgh - Green Tree


2015 PBTA Elected Officers and Appointed Chairs

Following is a list of our 2015 newly elected officers:

President – Mary Taylor

1st Vice President – Neil Washington

2nd Vice President – Dan Wagner

Treasurer – Patricia Zurat

Secretary – Renee Bragano

Below is a list of those PBTA members who were appointed as Committee Chairs, Co-Chairs and Committee Members:

Technology Chair:  Joseph Hurley

Technology Co-Chair:  Joann Ladesic

New Member Chair:  Trudy Blough

New Member Co-Chair:  Neil Washington

Membership Committee:  Mary Taylor, Eileen Kabay

Meeting Registration Chair:  Kathi Suprek

Education Chair:  Andrew Tellers

Education Co-Chair:  Jack Lever