Thank you for your interest in joining PBTA. Registration for 2017 PBTA Membership is now open!
PBTA Membership Chair:
Dan Wagner
Omni William Penn Hotel
PBTA Treasurer:
Glynis Elben,
The Parking Spot
Phone:  412-726-1221

Why Join:

  • Programs and Education.  PBTA devotes the bulk of our resources to the education and professional skill development of our members.  Understanding that corporate business travel is at the crossroads of change, PBTA believes that a complete and intimate knowledge of the travel industry is crucial to the success of its members.  Throughout the year, educational programs are held on a wide variety of topic’s affecting business travel management; from new developments in technology to changes in local and national purchasing trends.

  • Networking.  Success in any business begins with establishing relationships among professionals in its industry.  By actively participating in monthly meetings and other exciting events, PBTA members network and establish the professional relationships necessary for success.  Promoting the healthy exchange of ideas and information, PBTA enthusiastically welcomes the challenges of the 21st Century and vigorously represents and supports the needs and interests of those involved in the fields of business travel.

  • Volunteerism and Leadership.  At the core of PBTA are volunteers who compose our officers and committees.  Accomplished and respected professionals in the travel management industry, they focus on specific issues which will affect our members.  Because we are an organization of interested and motivated individuals, our members have the opportunity to actively participate in the functioning of PBTA, gain the experience to grow professionally and assume leadership positions.  By providing an information network where those pursuing careers in travel management can associate closely with industry leaders on important issues, PBTA is the ideal venue for individuals of all abilities and backgrounds to work together and effect real and lasting change in an important aspect of the local business community.

Membership Types

  • Direct  

    Buyers of business travel services for other employees of their company, or those that administer travel policies for their company or those that plan and/or manage meetings for their company

  • Allied

Available to corporate business travel suppliers, technology providers, travel service  providers, payment platforms, and consulting firms.

Student/Educator - In order to qualify for Student/Educator membership, a person must either be enrolled full-time in a Hospitality Management or Travel Agent education program at an accredited institution or hold a position as a full time Instructor at an accredited institution teaching courses related to the field of Travel/Hospitality Management. These members may not vote or hold office, however, may serve on committees.

Honorary - In order to qualify for Honorary membership, members who officially retire from the travel field may continue as members of this organization by majority vote of the Board of Directors, may not vote or hold office, however may serve on committees. In addition, individuals may be bestowed Honorary membership by a majority vote of the Board of Directors. Status of those who subsequently accept employment in another travel capacity shall be subject to review and approval by the Board of Directors. 

2017 Membership Dues: 

Direct - $100

Allied - $125

Membership period is on a calendar year basis.  Membership is contingent upon application review and approval by the PBTA Board of Directors.